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How To Lose A Bride In One Night (2013)

by Sophie Jordan(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
0062033018 (ISBN13: 9780062033017)
Forgotten Princesses
review 1: She walks with a limp from a poorly healed broken leg as a child and is on the plump side. Not only that, but she's not her father's legitimate child. She does, however, have an enormous dowry. Just the thing to attract the Duke of Bloods worth. But instead of the usual wedding night, her husband punches her in the ribs, throttles her neck and dumps her over the side of the bridal barge. He is a soldier who's seen too many deaths. He rescues her from the river and takes responsibility for her, but refuses to fall in love with her. He's a strong man, but love is stronger still and in the end love conquers all.
review 2: I'm clearly in a fluffy light historical romance mood:DSophie Jordan's books are perfect when you're looking for some fun light entertaining r
... moreead. Hence sadly can never achieve a 5 star until I finally found a memorable story line.I like Annalise, seeing how she became from a weak vulnerable girl to a stronger character and all thanks to Owen:) If you are looking for light fun HR reads, check out Sophie Jordan's HR and her Foreplay (NA genre). less
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3.5 stars..It was nice but not that touching..
The plot is particularly ridiculous.
Simply terrible!
3.5 stars
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