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A Bad Day For Mercy (2012)

by Sophie Littlefield(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 3
0312648383 (ISBN13: 9780312648381)
Minotaur Books
Bad Day
review 1: not one of the best in the series - but I do like the series so I will read the next one - it got a bit stupid with the character's tirade against environmentalists...I mean why don't authors realize that that isn't what we want (regardless of which side you sit on...) in a silly cozy mystery? So it's ok for the character to spout her version of 'common sense' - doesn't the author realize that it just makes her character come of just as narrow minded? anyway - that just makes for boring reading and again makes the character look silly - I mean really - making the guy buy dockers? - just stupid.
review 2: I had such high expectations because I loved the 3 earlier books in the series. So I was a little disappointed with A Bad Day for Mercy. It had most of the ex
... morepected elements, so I can't quite pin-point what let me down. Perhaps it was the limited participation by the supporting characters I love (Goat, Chrissy), maybe because it didn't have as much of the edge-of-your-seat action that Stella has encountered in the past. But there still was enough of the laugh-out-loud humor for me to give it 4 stars. less
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Love this series! I'm hoping she writes another one and soon!
I like the main character -- she has some great lines!
continuing saga of Stella Hardesty tribulations..
Good read.
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