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Bad Day For Scandal, A: A Crime Novel (2014)

by Sophie Littlefield(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
1491581530 (ISBN13: 9781491581537)
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Bad Day
review 1: Best yet in the series!This Stella Hardesty book was different from the others: the "villain" is a woman, not a man. And Stella is neck-deep in what happened to Priss - the girl from their small rural Missouri town who got what she wanted by her smarts and wily ways of blackmailing or somehow getting rid of the competition. Priss hasn't changed all that much, she's just wearing fancier clothes and driving fancier cars.Priss interrupts a small party at Stella's house - just when Sheriff "Goat" Jones might be gonna kiss her, too! - with a phone call to hire Stella. She makes Stella an offer she can't refuse to the tune of $10K. Stella's not at all sure that she's willing to work for Priss, but she's curious enough to find out what the job is all about. Turns out, Priss has a... more body in her trunk and wants Stella to take care of the disposal. When Stella tells her to take care of her own disposal, Priss shows her pictures... pictures that show Stella standing over one of her previous client's husband with a ball-ping hammer in her hand; and the guy is tied up with a look of unmistakable terror on his face and obvious signs of a beating. Priss tells Stella that she's got a bunch more photos of Stella's "hobby" on a flash drive and won't hesitate to mess up her relationship with the Sheriff if Stella doesn't decide to take the job.But Stella decides to call Priss's bluff, and she walks away. Except Priss and her brother Limon both go missing hours later. And Goat is furious, calling Stella to ask why the heck her fingerprints are all over the scene if Stella wasn't at Limon's house. So Stella and Chrissy investigate in their usual style, that includes Chrissy's latest "training moments" of breaking and entering.It's tons of laughs and a few cringes. And interesting phone calls from past clients about bodies in ponds and female judges who hire "escorts" and bring them to baby showers... judges who also hire thugs to search Priss's place and her brother Limon's place in search of other flash drives with blackmail pictures on them.No one and nothing is ever quite what he or she or it seems... and that's the beauty of Stella's world of vigilante justice. Her daughter Noelle is working through her latest relationship with another woman, and Stella's doing her best to be supportive and not a fuddy-duddy about her daughter possibly being a lesbian. In her heart, she only wants Noelle to be happy; but Stella has to wonder if small town Missouri is ready to open it's minds and hearts to accept her daughter.In the romance department, Stella's rethinking what happens when Goat finally gets wise to her antics. So BJ, the guy who owns the bar and has a thing for Stella, gets into the picture, too. Is there a smack-down between Goat and BJ in the future? From the next book's description, it's possible! Just hoping to see some more action between Stella and Goat. It's sweet and hot at the same time.
review 2: Sophie Littlefield has writes about men who mistreat, or beat their wives, a very current problem than needs to be exposed, she has a hot affair with the Sheriff, and is not afraid to express herself how she feels about him.The book is filled with characters most of which one can relate to, except for those wife beaters.It is a fun book, dealing with animals, working on a lama farm, chasing animals, etc etc, a romp of a good read! less
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While I enjoyed the storyline, this book didn't seem as funny as the previous two, so only 4 stars.
She knows how to unravel a story and build up characters. And Stella's one helluva character.
3.5 for the voice of the characters. laugh-out-loud.
love this series. One more to go!
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