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6 Killer Bodies (2009)

by Stephanie Bond(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 2
0778327078 (ISBN13: 9780778327073)
Body Movers
review 1: A continuation of the story that began in book #4.Carlotta Wren's world is crumbling beneath her well-shod feet. One of her closest friends has been arrested as the Charmed Killer, but Carlotta refuses to believe it. And to prove her friend's innocence, Carlotta goes against her boyfriend Peter's wishes and resumes her after-hours body-moving duties.And then…Peter pressures her for an answer to his proposal…Her troubled brother Wesley goes missing…And the madman stalking the city strikes again, this time a little too close to home.But when Carlotta finds herself in the clutches of the Charmed Killer, is she destined for her own body bag?
review 2: Carlotta Wren is back and hoping the body count will stay low. The Atlanta police have arrested Carlotta's f
... moreriend and sometimes employer, Cooper Craft, accusing him of being The Charmed Killer. The women of Atlanta may feel safer but Carlotta knows the cops made a mistake. She can not believe that her friend (and almost lover) Cooper is a killer. Of course, Carlotta, being the Nancy Drew wannabe she is, investigates to try and clear Coop's name. Unfortunately, everything she learns seems to point the finger right at him.This is the last book in the three book story arc featuring the Charmed Killer. Bond seems to have hit her stride with the trilogy format as I liked the last three books better than the first. Although the focus of this book is the Charmed Killer, Bond still provides some interesting side stories for the supporting characters. Wesley, Carlotta's man-child, younger brother, seems to land himself in one dire strait after another. It's enough to make you want to slap him upside the head and tell him to grow up. With the bombshell that is (finally) dropped by Liz, his sometimes older lover, that may just happen quicker than he thinks. While this book brings the Charmed Killer story arc to a twisty-turny end, Bond does manage to leave the reader with a real cliffhanger. Not particularly nice of her since, at the time, she wasn't sure if there would be anymore books in this series. less
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I did not suspect this ending! Now I have to wait for another book- I am looking forward to it!
Why hasn't the 7th book been released!? It had been 5 years and I need to read it already!
Ug! Flippin cliff hangers!!! I really hope this love square gets solved soon too
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