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3 Men And A Body (2008)

by Stephanie Bond(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
0778326071 (ISBN13: 9780778326076)
Body Movers
review 1: I'm getting kind of tired of the body movers theme, because it's not like they all do this line of work, so it ends up so misleading. Only in this book, they do for a bit. I'm wondering why Carlotta isn't busier trying to get her credit back in order, after the fraud case -- shouldn't that be a priority? And I'm not really buying the idea that she can't work at the store while she's recovering from a broken arm. Still... I read the book. I hate to say the series is bad, considering she's a published author, and I hate reading everyone's negative comments about authors. Hoping she does better in the next book, to make it seem worth continuing.
review 2: Fun romance mystery series starring Carlotta Wren, sales clerk at Nieman Marcus. Ten years ago her parents dis
... moreappeared after her father was charged with embezzlement, leaving 18 year old Carlotta to raise her younger brother Wesley and keep what was left of the family together. Problems include getting the bills paid, dealing with now 19 year old Wesley and his legal / teen / bad decision making skills; keeping her job, 3 potential love interests and interference from FBI and various law enforcement departments as they continue the search for her fugitive father. The 'body movers' part is the job Wesley got as a condition of his probation. He helps ex-medical examiner Cooper Craft pick up bodies and move them to the morgue. Carlotta helps part time for extra income. I initially tried to pick up this series at number 6 but had a hard time following the story so went back and started with number one. Audio narrated by Cassandra Campbell less
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Now I have to keep reading to find out just how unbelievably crazy the plot twists will get!
Another fun read! Great series akin to Janet Evanovich. #3 moves the story along well!
a very light read.
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