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The Third Bullet (2013)

by Stephen Hunter(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
145164020X (ISBN13: 9781451640205)
Simon & Schuster
Bob Lee Swagger
review 1: I'm a big fan of Stephen Hunter's books, but this one wasn't the usual Swagger story. By necessity, to fill in the back story and to provide details about a major character in the investigation, Earl was only in about half the book. Once the point of view switched to the other guy, I kept waiting for the story to swing back to Earl. This was tedious for a while, but after I finally realized he wasn't coming back anytime soon, I readjusted and got back to enjoying the story. If I'd known that beforehand, I think I would have had a higher opinion of the book.
review 2: This, I believe is the last book by Stephen Hunter with Bob Lee Swagger as the lead character. There was a lot of mental challenges throughout the book at least until the end when it all becam
... moree clear. The action was not physical in nature until the end as Bob Lee was 66 now. He agreed to track down the killer of a lady's husband who was studying the death of JFK. During the writing of this book Stephen Hunter did not change any fact written in The Warren Commission Report. Rather he developed a very believable concept that caused a lot of people to attempt to kill Bob Lee Swagger. He worked with his good friend Nick Memphis, an executive with the FBI. The puzzle gets thicker and Bob Lee almost died figuring it out. This is an excellent book. If you are a Stephen Hunter fan and followed Bob Lee Swagger then this is a must read. For everyone else it is a highly recommended book. less
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Ending was a little anti-climactic but otherwise Bob Lee is always a good read.
Redundant and bullet stuff was tedious
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