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Palace Council (2008)

by Stephen L. Carter(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 1
0307266583 (ISBN13: 9780307266583)
review 1: I have never been so thankful for a book to end. I found this one so boring - it was possibly the political aspects which didn't help as they bore me to tears. I have never found a political based book I have enjoyed. You have to wait until 400 plus pages to find out what the palace council was actually all about. I actually didn't mind the last 60 pages but the rest .. yawn - yawn - yawn. I didn't feel anything for any of the characters and couldn't have cared less if they'd all been murdered. Basically 20 powerful men try to take over the USA. A writer Eddie Wesley finds a body and the mystery starts to unravel. At the same time his sister goes missing and both events are interwoven. The book spans 2 decades and numerous presidents and ... yawn yawn yawn - I just kept th... moreinking please be over.
review 2: Excellently written with good suspense. Premise of story cleverly thought up but then goes on a bit too long and becomes condusing to the reader, demanding great effort to stay focuessed. A little unsettling that real-life events wre cotorted to fit the story rather than having the fictional events fit in with history. N3evertheless a good read, if you can past feeling it is becoming too convoluted. less
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I love his thrillers. I need to read his nonfiction. They should be right up my alley.
I felt that this book took too long to get started. But once it did, I enjoyed it.
This is well written & thought out, but it does go in circles.
was fine for a change but characters were one dimensional
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