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The Impeachment Of Abraham Lincoln (2012)

by Stephen L. Carter(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
030727263X (ISBN13: 9780307272638)
review 1: I love Stephen L. Carter's writing. Love it. He is obviously a meticulous researcher and plot strategist. I loved the "what if" of this book. It's a fascinating idea and he makes it seem nearly plausible. I enjoyed his picking and choosing of the real words of historical figures, the bits of off-beat history he included, his inclusion of Abigail Canner as a pivotal character in a time and place when a female law clerk was unheard of.
review 2: This is a great blend of history, supposition, 19th century race relations, the way law works, description of DC in the mid 1800s, and a hint of romance. Really interesting the way it all comes together in the end. I'm sort of fascinated by Dan Sickles now--he's a well-written, interesting part of this book. Also, the
... moresouthern pastor who Abigail and Jonathan to go visit is disgustingly awful, but unbelievably well written. Such a good book! less
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fascinating read! couldn't put it down even though it's over 500 pages
Nice reworking of history, although it did drag at times
nice what if book about the survival of Abraham Lincoln!
Excellent read. I'm becoming a huge Carter fan.
EXCELLENT -his best!!!!!
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