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The Shelter (2011)

by SunHi Mistwalker(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
Dark Tales Great Lives, LLC
review 1: This short was very interesting. I long to read the complete novel to see how Sunni fairs in her new "life" as the landlords "property". Her mother can hack life so Sunni is left to suffer. Her new roommates (Dorothy & Daughters) don't help Sunni. Dorothy only cares for her own, but willing to get Sunni the scraps of her family dinners. Dorothy (barely) tries to save Sunni from the Landlord but Sunni will not go with her. Would you really expect a starving 10 year old to pass up food to go with a woman who has shown no interest in her well being since they met! Good short.
review 2: Sunni Brown is ten years old living with her mom but her dad is nowhere to be found. Shannon and Sunni are evicted from their home only to move into the Shelter. The Shelter
... moreis a parking garage converted into homes for the homeless. At first, Sunni's mom Shannon stayed to take care of Sunni but slowly she became more addicted to crank. Sunni is friend's with Jennifer. Will Sunni and Jennifer stay friends? Will Shannon stop her addiction? Will Sunni survive in the Shelter? Your anwers await you in The Shelter. less
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All I can really say about this is that it's very disturbing! A good story, but very gritty.
Short, depressing, and lacking in detail or characterisation. Meh.
this short story makes me want to read "New Hope City" asap
Brilliant gripping story and feel so sorry for the people
Disturbing but surprisingly readable
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