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Chasing Perfect (2010)

by Susan Mallery(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
0373774524 (ISBN13: 9780373774524)
Fool's Gold
review 1: I actually thought I'd like the book more, seeing the rating. First of all, don't check out my statusupdates if you haven't read the book, I put some accidental spoilers in during the read. So, the book itself... I liked the heroine and the way she was portrayed. The hero first seemed to be a total famous brat, but he also has some more depth than expected. Something happens to threaten the city and i actually thought the heroine would play a big part in fixing the problem, but someone else is brought in. And I think the writer gave away the culprit sooner than she wants to. Or maybe that's just me, I don't know for sure. All in all, it's a good read, but I wouldn't reread it soon.
review 2: For some reason this book bored me from the start. I was looking forwa
... morerd to starting a new series but I couldn't get into the characters. I think part of it is the fact I hate it when the hero and heroine start off on the wrong foot but because he's so drop dead gorgeous she just can't help being attracted to him and his so-called charm. Josh was the golden boy of the town but when he comes in and takes over the council meeting, getting contracts signed when that's Charity' s job, of course she is upset. Right away there is tension which in my opinion is good. Get things stirred up, pique your interest, find out how the characters handle themselves. Charity was a disappointment. Every time Josh came around she was practically drooling. I would have much preferred her to be a little distant with him for awhile, not fall under his spell right away. For me, the characters were weak and not at all entertaining. In fairness to the author, I have read other books of hers and enjoyed them. I will probably try another one just not for awhile. less
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Looking for an easy read? Perfect for vacation or sitting by the pool!
Like this series very addictive read reading them all
It was cute; I liked the story & the characters.
Excellent start to a perfect series.
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