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Un Amor Contra El Viento (2012)

by Susanna Kearsley(Favorite Author)
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Plaza & Janés
review 1: What a book! Enchanting. Magical.It's amazing when you are unable to read a book all they long, because it's hard to convey the feelings this book can leave you. This was one of these rare books where I could not really find a flaw. Amazing story, good plot twists, amazing romance. And,baby, Susanna Kearsley knows how to write amazing male leads. After this, some can wonder Jamie Fraser who?
review 2: Eva has just lost her dearest friend: her beloved older sister Katrina. When it is time to spread her ashes, Eva's choice is the most logical one she can think of: an old manor house on the coast of Cornwall where they spent summers together as children. Among familiar companions, Eva hopes to finally find some peace, but when she starts having hallucinations t
... morehat appear to be from another time - peace continues to elude her. As Eva begins to understand that these hallucinations are nothing short of time travel, her experiences in the past begin to seriously affect her contentment in her own time.When I was in a bus full of 8th graders on the way to an amusement park field trip and I just needed something fluffy to amuse me, I knew that Susanna Kearsley would not disappoint. The slipping between centuries works well in this story and I liked Eva, especially as she tried to sort through living in a distant time with such different rules and expectations. Her love interest is certainly dreamy, if not a little caricatured, and since I've read several of her previous books, the time period in the past was familiar.I know I say this everytime, but it continues to be true. I appreciate a clean, romantic and intriguing story. Kearsley's books don't change my life but they sure do make it pleasant for a while, and the time travel elements of this one were a nice twist on the usual. I liked it. less
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A sweet time travel love story. There's not a lot of substance, but it's a sweet distraction.
A little too reminiscent of Gabaldon's books. Fast read, but not quite as rivetting.
Like Barbara Michaels but a bit more densely written.
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