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The Rose Garden (2011)

by Susanna Kearsley(Favorite Author)
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0749009519 (ISBN13: 9780749009519)
Allison & Busby
review 1: I am LOVING this author. She writes so exquisitely that you get drawn into the story and don't even realize that all of the seemingly insignificant details are not actually all that insignificant. I love it. I usually read books meticulously looking for clues but Kearsley is able to lull the reader (or me, anyway) into a semi-stupor so that there is genuine surprise when everything comes together in the most perfect way *contented sigh*. There are things that I could question at the end of this one but I'm not going to... still, I think that's why I loved "The Winter Sea" just slightly more- but only slightly.(Soooo, fellow reader, now that you've read my review you ARE going to pay attention to every little detail, aren't you?)
review 2: I hate to have to give
... more one of Kearsley's books such a low review, but I just don't think that this book is up to par with her other novels. Although the love story in the novel is compelling the end was abrupt and left the entire novel feeling rushed. The end of the novel was also a little bit of a head-scratcher that left me feeling unfulfilled. The characters in this novel also just didn't feel like they were as flushed-out and developed as the characters that she has created in other novels. Ok, to read, but leave it til after you've read Kearsley's better novels. less
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This was a great book! Perfect easy read, good character development and very touching at points.
Cornwall, smugglers, romance and time-travel. Loved it.
I didn't love this story.
Loved this story!!!!
enjoyable easy read
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