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Sleeping Late On Judgement Day (2014)

by Tad Williams(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
1444738666 (ISBN13: 9781444738667)
Hodder & Stoughton
Bobby Dollar
review 1: This was a bit better than the last book in this series. Tad Williams is obviously one of those writers who is compelled to do trilogies. This series could have been a great book - but makes an OK 3 - and I suspect we have more to come because there are a lot of loose ends. I guess it puts the kids through college.The situations and characters in this one were a bit more oddball - it felt like he had loosened up after being constrained to doing his versions of Heaven and Hell. The queer characters balanced on a knife edge of being parodies - but I think he managed to pull the comedy off without being tacitly homophobic. I probably won't stick around if another three books come out because if you can't tell me what you want to say in under 1000 pages you need a better edito... morer, but I'm sure a lot of his fans will sign up for the eternal ride.
review 2: First off, hats off to Tad Williams for an awesome series which I have come to love and enjoy over these past few months. This series has a way of "speaking" to you with it's sarcasm and I felt that the stupidly funny yet badass determined as hell Mr B.was actually talking to me. however the I still have questions unanswered! what happens now? does karael succeed in creating a new world for souls to live happily? what happens to the renegade angel and his demon lover? less
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Great read! Loved the humor and emotion...and of course, Bobby Dollar's classic bad-angel attitude!
5 Sterne, obwohl das Ende mich "Gah! Was, das war's jetzt???" fragen lässt.
Awesome end to my new favorite fantasy series.
I loved the book....
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