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Games Without Rules: The Often Interrupted History Of Afghanistan (2012)

by Tamim Ansary(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 5
1610390946 (ISBN13: 9781610390941)
review 1: Reading this book was an amazingly contradictory experience; it was both terribly depression and wonderfully uplifting. It was depressing because it told of the multiple catastrophes that Afghanistan has experienced and it was uplifting because it also told of how well Afghanistan has bounced back. This is a beautifully told story of Afghanistan that anyone who wants to better understand the war we have been fighting, and how we could have handled everything so much better, must read this book.
review 2: Great writing to provide an overview of the Palestinian historical context to the ongoing wars in the Middle East. Detailed enough for history related facts and figures yet personable & eloquent storytelling to lighten any rough terse and boring history lectur
... moree. I have a better sense of the reason (or lack of one unifying reason) behind the Afghanistan wars for centuries! What's sad is the utter shame fullness of the wests imperialism and gall to dictate the culture/government/borders for other lands/countries/people. That said, the present is today, and milk is spilt. What this book has given me is a sense of hope for this side of the world that starts with technology and communication with the broader world. Even here in US those stuck in the rural areas, even with modernity easily accessible, tend to have a warped sense of society/culture. -yes, that's a broad stroke and offensive to some, I admit. But all around the world, in general, those in rural areas..raised & always been in rural areas - tend to exhibit a strong resistance to change, whether cultural, social, technical, spiritual norms, etc. Afganistan may be in just the place where more people decide to move along with change and not take up violence to keep change from taking hold. Technology is providing the medium for introducing ideas and encouraging innovation from those who can help themselves. Only Afghans can form their nation in this new modern world...and resisting the change or accepting and working with change is the decision to be made. less
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Fascinating history. Feel like I'd have to read it several times to fully grasp the intricacies.
Must-read for anyone struggling to make sense of conflicts, past and present, in Afghanistan.
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