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Outing The Quarterback (2014)

by Tara Lain(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
Long Pass Chronicles
review 1: So this cutie is probably more of a 3.5 but don't want to round up... A few things troubled me. Firstly, I REALLY wanted to love this book. The closeted football player is one of my favorite tropes so I quickly grabbed this when it was released. And boy, Will is deep in the closet. But it was a bit insta-love-y. Noah and Will are in the same master art class and then run into each other again when Noah is a waiter at a restaurant where Will and his friends are eating. Will is not only hiding his orientation, but is trying to live two lives - that of the hot college quarterback (the life his father wants) and that of a talented artist (the life his father doesn't know about). So there are a couple of interactions between Will and Noah but I wanted more of build up of... more their relationship. Went a little too fast for me. I also cringed at some of the nicknames - jockoid?! Ugh, sounded so silly. And Mr. Cockamus - grossed me out. Another issue for me was I couldn't figure out Dwight. Maybe I didn't pay attention but wasn't sure WHY he pursued Noah so hard. I got the impression there was a power dynamic there but perhaps it was too subtle for me. There is also a scene where there is supposed to be a date between Dwight and Noah, and if what happened did happen, then EWWWW! But I was a little confused. I did like Will's interactions with his friends, particularly Jamal and Jamal's family. The end is sweet, perhaps too sweet, but lovely. This was a new to me author and I do like her writing style and the man-sex-- nuclear level hot!!
review 2: I loved this. I am noticing many of Ms. Lain’s book somehow ties the art world into the theme. Here we have Will trying so hard to please his dad and make him proud. To do this he hides who he is. A tenuous balancing act for sure. While at a art class for a scholarship he sets his eyes on the snarky Noah. Noah who has always taken care of himself and is afraid to open himself up. Suddenly with Will he does. Will he is a secret bottom has Noah to top him and sparks collide when they do. Noah has met his match in Will. And Will has his feelings for Noah wanting him to be out and stand up for himself. These two are so cute and perfect. Both scared for different reasons both thinking they are so different from one another when really they are the same. As they get close, protecting will gets more dangerous and the whole motley crew comes in to help. First Will is exposed thanks to his ex with a grudge and a college gossip reporter who wants to exact revenge. This is quashed when Jamal’s sister helps out. Jamal love him so sweet his whole family shows Will what love and acceptance is. Than the reporter gets more dirt and more accusations fly. Will gathers strength from Jamal and most of all Noah. He sees all Noah has gone through and wants to make him proud. Wants to be who Noah needs. Noah sees Will and sees someone he feels safe with for the first time. As they get closer and compete for the same scholarship nasty arrogant people like Dwight Masterson (what a piece of work seriously I think he joined the dark side for pi) and Will’s ex. They battle self doubt and their feelings but still are drawn to one another. The writing has you feeling right at home with this two and loving all their quirks, fears and hungers. Their competitiveness but also selflessness is wonderful to see as well. A fun sweet story of coming into ones one, finding the courage to put yourself out there to someone and to let others see who you are. These two will have a smile on your face the whole time you read about their coming together. And Jamal will just keep you endeared to him as well. I look forward to the next in this endearing series as we see people come into who they are and accept themselves and love from others to help them be guided and supported along the way. less
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3.5 stars
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