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Unfixable (2014)

by Tessa Bailey(Favorite Author)
4 of 5 Votes: 5
Entangled Publishing (Embrace)
review 1: 4 ½* Thoroughly enjoyed this story. I’ve been encouraged by many to read Tessa Bailey’s work and I can certainly see why. Young Adult isn’t my favorite genre but I must say that this story held my attention throughout. The characters were interesting and come across in an honest fashion, not forced.Quite steamy at times but certainly not overdone-just right for the story being told. The conclusion left a little to be desired but since this appears to be a series of sorts I believe there will be more to come that will provide more closure.I was really appreciative of the fact that Tessa’s writing style held to a “show, don’t tell” method. I was choked up in several chapters just picturing what was described in such vivid detail. Looking forward to readi... moreng her Adult novels.
review 2: I enjoyed Unfixable immensely. The characters were great. The setting was gorgeous and now I want to hop on a plane to Dublin. I enjoyed reading Willa and Shane's story but my favorite part of Unfixable was Kitty, Shane's mother. The light in which Tessa Bailey portrayed Kitty was awesome. Knowing people who have mental disabilities/conditions personally, I couldn't have asked for a better portrayal from Bailey. Kitty is a shining star. Ginger and Derek made appearances in the book. It was great to see them again, though I didn't actually realize that Willa was Ginger's sister until too far into the book. Sort of embarrassed about that but I caught on quickly. ;)Unfixable was a quick, fun read. Willa and Shane's story won't leave me for a long time. less
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te hace pasar un rato agradable
Loved these characters!
I just... I need more!
4.25 stars
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