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Protecting What's Theirs (2014)

by Tessa Bailey(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 7
1622665406 (ISBN13: 9781622665402)
Entangled: Brazen
review 1: I didn't like the first book of the series and almost skipped this novella, but I was afraid there was going to be some sort of setup for the next book. There wasn't.I read a handful of pages then skimmed through the rest. I just don't like these characters.As for the actual story, I don't like "accidental" pregnancies. I understand they happen in real life, but people shouldn't act so damn shocked when they aren't on birth control and don't use a condom. What did you think was going to happen?
review 2: This novella revisits Ginger and Derek from Protecting What's His. I can't remember how far after that end this picks up, maybe a year. It reads a bit like an extended epilogue for that book, which works for me since I love epilogues. Presumptions and non-commu
... morenication drive the drama here, which is annoying but it doesn't last long. The sass and steam factor from the first book is back for more. I again liked the little nod to Ginger's background and the Dolly Parton references. less
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Loved the characters, loved the story line, it hooked me from the beginning xxx
Cute ending but way too many pages of internal monologues from H/h.
08/25/14 own it***
3.5 Lovely :D
4.5 stars
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