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Protecting What's His (2013)

by Tessa Bailey(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 9
Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
Line of Duty
review 1: Protecting What's His - Tessa BaileyRating: 4 starsIf you want a girl who's determined to make her own way, and an alpha male who respects such a decision, look no further.Ginger Peet and her sister Willa has known what it's like to go hungry. With a mom who's barely around and when she is, she's either drunk or high, when an opportunity arises, they took it.Derek Tyler doesn't know what to expect when he sees his next door neighbors drag a Dolly-Parton life-sized statue to their house. Except the smack in the gut when he lays eyes on Ginger.The lieutenant gets into his newest case and with it linking to Ginger's past, will he save her in time?Nice combination of words. Ginger is such a fun girl, I love her creativity. Both the leads have their insecurities but having them... more overcome it lets them connect to the reader even more.
review 2: Derek is a cop and does his job by the book but behind closed doors there is an Alpha male that will melt any girls panties. When Derek crosses paths with Ginger, well, he doesn't know what to think. Ginger attacks life to survive. Her childhood had me cringing several times and admiring her all the more as she became the caretaker for her little sister Willa, does she always make the right decisions? No, but she learns from her mistakes. Ginger is shocked by her reaction to Derek. She has learned that she is attractive but also how to keep her feelings under wraps around men, she uses her flirty/sexy skills wisely. As Ginger tries to avoid Derek, their apartment is flooded and they are now suddenly roommates. From here the sparks fly and we get to have all the fun as Ginger and Derek traverse these new waters for both of them. There is the right mix of drama, suspense and super-hot sex scenes to makes this a perfect book escape. less
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Holy crap that was HOT! I need me a Derek in my life. I love a sexy, loving, dominant man.
Good not that bad not that good either.Just was'nt feeling the hype .
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