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Exposed By Fate (2014)

by Tessa Bailey(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 5
1633751198 (ISBN13: 9781633751194)
Entangled: Brazen
review 1: Exposed by Fate is book two in Tessa Bailey’s Serve Novel series, and it’s Oliver and Eliza’s story.Followers of the series will remember Oliver as Caroline’s playboy brother and a recent member at Serve. Eliza has been Caroline’s best friend since college; she’s practically family. Eliza is somewhat reserved, but after seeing first-hand how happy Caroline has been since her relationship with Jonah, Eliza is determined to step outside her comfort zone to experience what it’s like to be truly satisfied, and maybe even find love. Eliza thinks she might find that with Porter, another Serve member, but Oliver is convinced that he’s the right man for the job – at least the satisfaction piece, so he and Eliza enter into a contract for Oliver to teach her how to... more be the perfect submissive. Oliver knows from the beginning that Eliza is completely out of his league, and he’s also well aware that his womanizing lifestyle couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) even place him on Eliza’s radar. There’s no harm in relishing the time he does have with her, though, right? Eliza, as we could have probably guessed, has been attracted to Oliver since she was first introduced to her best friend’s older brother. So now, the question is, can Eliza and Oliver keep their arrangement strictly business?I am such a huge Tessa Bailey fan. Her Line of Duty series has some of the hottest, dirty-talking alpha males I’ve ever read. They hardly compare, though, to the Doms of Serve. Hot, sexy Dominants, but with complex personalities and sensitive sides that surprisingly had me reaching for the tissue box, not once, but several times. I hope she won’t consider it insulting or patronizing to say that I think Tessa Bailey’s writing just keeps getting better and better!Five sexy, spanking, sensitive stars!
review 2: Oliver Preston is a quintessential playboy! We were introduced to him in Owned by Fate. He is Caroline's dirty talking, oozing sex on a stick older brother. In the first book he appears to be shallow but oh my is our bad boy Oliver so much more. We had only scratched the surface with him.Oliver is not discreet about his blatant love for woman. He seems to have a different flavor for each day of the week and that is how he likes it. Oliver has recently been named most eligible bachelor and that has made his under the radar bad boy antics appear in the spotlight. Eliza is a strong, sexy, smart woman that is Caroline's best friend. She has always carried a secret torch for Oliver but she knows that he is no good for her. A chance meeting at a local BDSM club and Oliver has this overwhelming need to protect Eliza but she is furious with him for ruining her fun. She comes up with a sly little plan that she never in a million years thinks would work to push Oliver's buttons and maybe use this to her advantage to make Oliver teach her a few things. This little escapade may push them both to their personal limits. It may uncover so many things that they thought they had buried!!! Ms. Bailey you have yet again given us a sexy, dirty talking, bossy leading man. Eliza is a breath of fresh air with her intelligent sexy ways but with a hint of innocence. Eliza makes Oliver want to be the better man that he is capable of and Oliver gives Eliza the strength and courage to do everything that she has always been capable of!!!! Love it!!!! less
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Omg I love Oliver. Another great from Tessa Bailey. My new favorite 1 click author.
Truly loved it! Tessa Bailey is just so good.
Loved the story!!!
Oh my jesus.
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