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Owned By Fate (2014)

by Tessa Bailey(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
1633750949 (ISBN13: 9781633750944)
Entangled: Brazen
review 1: Ok, so I'm not even done with this book yet, but had to write a lil' something-something. So few write erotic romance like Tessa Bailey. She could have easily gone for the shock factors here, especially with the BDSM club scenario, but it really only serves as a backdrop for the incredible chemistry between the hero and heroine. They are a kinetic, yin-yang match that you'll be so glad you followed through til the end.
review 2: Caroline Preston is a journalist for the financial magazine her father founded. The magazine has always been hugely successful until now. They are looking to do something to bring more readers and her brother wants to take a different spin to include lifestyle pieces from a BDSM club. Her father is completely against it and is looking
... morefor Caroline to squash this idea. Caroline decides to do some research and goes directly to the source. She goes into the club and doesn't know what to think. Jonah sees her in the club and is drawn to her. He takes her up to the private level not having any idea who she is. Caroline doesn't want to admit she is intrigued more than she thinks. She tries to fight her feelings for Jonah and Jonah tries to do the right thing and let her go. Jonah owns the club and so Caroline knows it is completely against what she feels she should believe in. The problem is Caroline is interested much more than she thought she would be. She writes a scathing article about how bad the club is, but really were they her true feelings? Does she save the family business the way her father would like her to do or does she go with her gut feelings?Great book, I would read again from this author. I was provided a copy of this book for my honest opinion. less
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A new author for me and I am in love. This was a great story. Jonah is perfectly alpha.
Didn't love it.
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