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The Strange Maid (2014)

by Tessa Gratton(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
Random House Books for Young Readers
The United States of Asgard
review 1: Words to describe this book: exciting, magical, fun, unique... and so much more. The Norse religion is mixed together with modern times into a very interesting new world. I love that the gods are such a part of this world! In most books that have gods involved, the gods are usually on the sidelines somewhere instead of right in the action with the heroine. And the trolls! This book had me so absorbed that I finished it in one day! Amazing work.
review 2: Signy Valborn dared to climb into the highest branches of The New World Tree when she was a young girl just to rage against it about the death of her parents...and who should be there but Odin Alfather himself. He told her that if she could solve his riddle she would become one of his fierce Valkyrie forevermor
... moree. Signy trains with all her might from one Valkyrie to another around The United States of Asgard, until she strikes out on her own once again raging against all that she knows because sh less
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