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The World We Found (2012)

by Thrity Umrigar(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 3
0061938343 (ISBN13: 9780061938344)
review 1: The lives of four best friends are changed forever by riots in India that occurred when they were in college. When the book begins, 30 years have passed and the three friends living in India get a message that the fourth is dying in America. Her dying wish is to have one last visit with all of them together again. The author does a terrific job of fleshing out all of the characters, showing how they interact with each other, as well as explaining the history of 1970s Bombay. I will look for more books by Umrigar.
review 2: This is about four women who went to university together in Bombay, India in the 1970s. They considered themselves revolutionaries at the time. In the end, one of them (Armaiti) moved to the U.S., two (Laleh and Kavita) remained friends,
... moreand one (Nishta) separated herself from the others after she, a Hindu, married a Muslim (and a mutual friend to them all). Fast-forward to current day and Armaiti has contacted them in hopes they will come visit before she dies of cancer. I really enjoyed this. You really see how different things can turn out from how you plan them, and how you yourself can change. The book switches viewpoints, so you can see what has happened in everyone's lives from their own perspectives. There were times in this book where I was ready to rate it even higher, but overall, it's a very solid 4 stars. I hadn't heard of Umrigar before, I will read more by her. less
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I liked this story, but the writing was just ok, nowhere near as good as The Space Between Us.....
I am a huge fan of Thrity Umrigar's works. This novel does not disappoint.
Did not finish it
ggod author
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