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Into The Void (2013)

by Tim Lebbon(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
0345541936 (ISBN13: 9780345541932)
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi
review 1: This Star Wars' story takes place 25,000+ years before the events of the original Star Wars movie. There is no Empire or Republic, just a planet steeped in the Force where they try to keep a balance between light and dark throughout their system. Now the balance is upset by one man, someone who hates the Force. As he tries to use ancient technology to escape his system, his sister, a strong Force user and ranger, is charged with stopping him. If you are expecting a typical Star Wars' story, this isn't it. If you are looking for a good and entertaining adventure, this is it. Looking forward to the next installment.
review 2: I really liked Mr. Lebbon's take of the ancient Jedi and their way of balancing themselves between the light and the dark side of the
... more force. It was interesting to see them using both light and dark and how a mixed Jedi might behave. So very far from the Jedi we already know and have gotten so used to. Her Dark Side Alchemy was a little disturbing, but was very useful to her in the end. Lots of decapitations and violence in this one. A fun read. It was a little weird to hear them use so many common non star wars universe slang terms and curses. Used to that stuff getting fixed by the Lucas folks who used to keep that stuff consistenly out of other Star Wars Novels. less
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While there are apparently difficulties with the Canon, as reported by others, I enjoyed the plot.
Very intense especially nearing the end. If you're a Star Wars fan, I suggest this book!
First Star Wars book. It was an entertaining read.
good story.
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