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The Savage Hawkman, Vol. 1: Darkness Rising (2012)

by Tony S. Daniel(Favorite Author)
2.84 of 5 Votes: 5
1401237061 (ISBN13: 9781401237066)
DC Comics
Savage Hawkman Vol. I
review 1: Not bad. The first half wasn't very exciting. Hawkman gets his nth metal power and a bad guy is after him because he wants to suck up his energy. We are back to the original Hawkman here too, the human cryptologist, not the alien police enforcer who I've been most familiar with in my reading as a youngster. Anyway, once the first story was over, we suddenly had zombies appear and my interest piqued. Finding the second half of the book much more interesting story wise plus we got to know Carter much better as a person, along with some of the people in his life such as Emma Ziegler. Morphicus was a pretty lame bad guy in the first section but the ambiguous reptile looking shapeshifter Askana, present for the whole book, is a great villainess. Loved her! And my reading of the... more awful "Static Shock" volume paid off as Static shows up here (and at least I knew who he was and got his jokes) for a few pages to help Hawkman fight off the zombies! Hawkman is around a lot as a member of the Justice League and while this isn't fantastic, I enjoyed reading him on his own. He has one more volume left and I'll definitely be reading that.
review 2: After reading the “Before the New 52” Issue, regarding the backstory of Hawkman:On an alien planet, blah blah blah. There is a wise and just king, blah blah blah. He has a son who likes violence, blah blah blah. He has another son who likes peace, blah blah blah. Gee, I wonder who the hero and who the villain will be? Father dies? Check. Evil brother is evil? Check. Peaceful brother is good? Check. Booooooring. It's so cliché. Why do these good superhero outcasts all end up on Earth anyway?Also, the “Nth metal” Is a STUPID name. Also, don't fall in love with your sister. This isn't Game of Thrones, this is Hawkman. Not nearly cool enough to pull off incest.As you can see, I was pretty unimpressed. Actually, the main story was fine. Hawkman was okay. It was nice to see a Superhero who actually tortures and beats up innocent people to get information (not that I advocate for that in real life, but this peace-and-cuddles-at-all-costs thing gets old). Some people thought that that story was boring, and I thought it was fine, and less stupid than some of the others I've read (Green Arrow anyone?). Still, Hawkman's backstory is trite and boring and predictable, which means that in my opinion this story got off to a bad start.But, “Nth metal, Nth metal, Nth metal” will never not be totally dumb. less
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Started out a bit weak, but, picked up. Hopefully, volume 2 will be a bitt better.
Mediocre art with an even worse story. Once again Hawkman is a snooze.
Even the presence of Gentleman Ghost can't alleviate the zzzzzz...
Never read a Hackman before this one. Will have to read more now.
One of the best titles out
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