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Mefisto'nun Öpücüğü (2012)

by Trinity Faegen(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 3
The Mephisto Covenant
review 1: 4 stars*** Spoilers Ahead ***I would read this series in order, to fully understand and enjoy this book you really need to have read the 1st one, "The Mephisto Covenant". I'm not a big fan of most angel/nephilim books, especially those written for the YA market. But I am glad I gave this series a shot.This book is about Key and Jordan. Key is a "son of hell" or mephisto and Jordan is an anabo, a daughter of Eve. Anabo are the descendants of Aurora, Eve's daughter, born in Eden before Eve ate from the fruit of knowledge thus they are the only humans born without original sin. I cried quite a bit reading this book. I'm glad I gave it a chance.It is a twist on the standard YA PNR. It was interesting and entertaining. I liked the heroine, Jordan, quite a bit. She is feisty, c... moreourageous, loyal and loving marking her as a true anabo. Key is the mephisto that his younger brothers all look up to. He is logical and brave. They make a great couple. Many more positives then negatives, I liked this book better then the first one except for the ending. This ending felt a little forced and seemed rushed. But I enjoyed this heroine more then Sasha from the first book. She seemed more worthy of her role as anabo. I recommend this book to any YA PNR reader even if your not a fan of nephilim stories.
review 2: İlk kitap gibi bu da çok güzeldi. Yeni karakterleri görmek beni şaşırtsa da okuyunca Key ve Jordan ikilisini de Jax ve Sasha kadar sevdiğimi fark ettim. Eryx bu kitapta daha ön plandaydı ki bu kitaba ayrı bir hava ve aksiyon kattı. Umarım Eryx'in hikayesini de okuyabiliriz ne kadar kötü olsa da çekici yani :) Sıradaki kitap Mariah ve Phoenix ikilisini konu alacak ve en merak ettiğim karakter Phoenix var ^_^ Umarım DEX bizi çok bekletmez :) less
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glad that key and Jordan are together but are they going to make more book of the mephisto kiss?
I absolutely loved this book. I can't wait for the next one.
Just as good as the first even more so love it want more.
Mephisto seriesThe Mephisto Covenant
much better than the first book
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