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Mefisto (2011)

by Trinity Faegen(Favorite Author)
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Dex Yayıncılık
The Mephisto Covenant
review 1: DNFI don't want to needlessly beat around the bush, so I'm just going to say it: this book is abysmal, but in a really hilarious way.We have a main character, Sasha, who is dumb as rocks and TSTL, and she is introduced to the reader as she's going to a cult-like group to ask them how her father died. It's not like they even knew her father or ever met him, they just told her they know and she figures, why not. By the way, her father died in Russia, the book is set in the US.The main character also can't fathom that the intelligence the KGB might have collected on people had better not get into the hands of corrupt politicians who might use it to extort money from others. Her mother has to explain to her why the documents are better off staying in a locker in Switzerland. I... more seriously lol'd at that. Why, yes, let us broadcast the knowledge we gathered on all the heads of states around, I'm sure it's not going to hurt anyone!Furthermore, our main character is an Anabo, apparently unable to feel negative emotions, like hate, jealousy and anger. We are told this in the first chapter. In the second chapter Sasha tells us that she has never hated anyone more than some guy who I won't name because his name doesn't matter. Plothole.By the way, Anabo are descendants of Eve (of Adam and Eve fame), and she apparently had a daughter before being evicted from paradise. Any guesses on the name? Maybe some Jewish one?Wrong, she names the daughter after the Roman goddess of dawn. Aurora. Because mixing Christian and Roman mythology isn't enough, there has to be some Greek vocabulary thrown in. The love interest, Jax, is a real darling. Besides throwing temper tantrums like a pro, he displays some violent tendencies, and expresses the wish that free will shouldn't exist where Sasha is concerned. He wants to kidnap Sasha and make her live with him, voluntarily or not. (Preferably the latter.) D'awww. He basically comes up with a schedule in his head on how he is going to stalk Sasha. Hell, he asked her out after having known her for five minutes. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING RIGHT NOW. Who thinks this shit is ok? Seriously, who?Then we have the worst case of plot conveniene. First, we have to get the parents out of the way. Thank God Sasha dad is already dead right? Now we only have to deport her mother (who was married to an American citizen, but who gives a fuck about facts, right? Not where evil Russians are concerned, nope!) in the most unrealistic asspull move ever, and have Sasha move in with her uncle, and it works. I'm going to venture the guess that her aunt and uncle are either going to be busy/shitty/or leave Sasha to her own devices.Oh right, we also have to fulfill our cliché quota, so of course, Sasha is the last of her kind and super-special-awesome-one-of-a-kind, as well as being the new transfer student at the school her uncle is going to send her to.I basically gave up on this after the second chapter. Don't bother with this one, seriously, it is on CW levels of awful.
review 2: I was only interested in this book at first because of the word "Mephisto" in the title. I love Mephistopheles, so I wanted to read something related to him. Sadly, this had practically nothing to do with him. It seemed more like wish-fulfillment for teenagers. The romance was written poorly, the characters were flat and 2-D, and the plot was just mind-numbingly boring. I couldn't even get past the fifth chapter. I set it aside for a long time and tried to force myself to finish it. I couldn't. DNF. less
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omf that ending !!! loved it amazing read so much chemistry !!! would tots suggets
Like pancakes on a Sunday morning,exquisite!
one word.. jax! that's it.
love love love
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