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The Unreal And The Real Volume 2: Selected Stories Of Ursula K. Le Guin: Outer Space & Inner Lands (2000)

by Ursula K. Le Guin(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 4
1473202868 (ISBN13: 9781473202863)
The Unreal and the Real
review 1: There were several stories in this volume I hadn't read before. "The Wild Girls" really upset me, but "The Author of the Acacia Seeds" was hauntingly lovely, and I loved both "The Poacher" and "Sur". This was a really worthwhile read, since even the stories I'd read before (like "Semley's Necklace" and "The Shobies' Story") were well worth a reread. The only thing missing, for me, was "A Fisherman of the Inland Sea", which is one of my all-time favorite Le Guin stories; to me it could have replaced the Shobies, but that's just personal preference, and it may have been left out because of length, which is entirely understandable. Overall, great collection and worth it even for (or especially for) long-time fans.
review 2: This collection is extremely uneven. Th
... moree high points--"Buffalo Gals," "Unlocking the Air," and "Hand, Cup, Shell" in particular--are fantastic. They're emotionally rich and structurally interesting, and like the best short stories, they create beautifully self-contained worlds that need no elaboration. Unfortunately, some of the stories were just kind of blah,; I didn't enjoy reading them, and they made essentially no impression on me. So my advice would be to borrow this from the library, read those three stories I mention, then dip in and out of others. If, after 2-3 pages, you think a particular story is not worth your time, trust that instinct and move on, because the next one almost certainly will reward your attention. less
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The longer stores and the ones dealing with gender were the strongest ones.
I read this because I saw it on Goodreads. I'm glad I did.
Review forthcoming.
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