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A Wizard Of Earthsea/The Tombs Of Atuan/The Farthest Shore/Tehanu/The Other Wind/Tales From Earthsea (2000)

by Ursula K. Le Guin(Favorite Author)
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review 1: In The Tales of Earthsea, Ursula has a few words to say about the transition from where The Farthest Shore ended into where Tehanu and The Other Wind went. I guess it sound like an apology to Ged's followeres, but it makes sense. People are people, and change is almost always inevitable, and when it comes, even when we expect it, it takes us by surprise. I loved Tehanu, and I'm about to read The Other Wind. But I consider it fortunate that I am reading the new books a few years, a decade actually, after I read the original series.
review 2: This is a series of novels and related short stories written over a few decades. I read the original three novels when I was in middle school. A few years ago I happened to drink a beer next to someone reading 'A Wizard of
... more Earthsea' and we talked about how we'd both loved the books as kids. That inspired me to track them down again. It turns out LeGuin wrote more in the meantime, and almost all of it, old and new, is great.It's essentially a fantasy series that takes place in an archipelago populated by plenty of normal folk and a few wizards. While grand happenings do occur throughout the series, it's mostly about a few individuals' roles in the events as they sail around between the myriad islands. There are, thankfully, no armies or orcs or even swords. But the subject matter is still pretty dark. Maybe I'll re-re-read these in few years. I suspect I'll still enjoy them, which I can't say for many things. less
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Not only was the plot great I enjoyed how she expressed the emotions so tangibly
Love Ursula Le Guin, love this series...about to start the last book
even more amazing
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