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Insurgent (2011)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
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0007442912 (ISBN13: 9780007442911)
Katherine Tegen Books
The Divergent trilogy
Insurgent isn't just a path from the first to the third book. All the characters you loved from Divergent have to change (to grow) during the events of Insurgent. Tris tries to cope with guilt and her worst fears. Tobias (more known as Four) tries to understand his role in this life and find his own identity in the way that not all his friends can feel. Prepare for the big pushes from Veronica Roth – some characters will go the reign of the dead ones. See if Tris and her friends can survive the war conflict between five fractions in the most thrilling installment of Divergent trilogy – Insurgent.

The critical claim:
New York Times’ bestselling author Veronica Roth offers to read the much-anticipated sequel to her dystopian Divergent series. Insurgent is another intoxicating thrill
... more-ride rich with excellent and totally unexpected twists, heartbreak romance and surprisingly adult insights about the human nature and identity.
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