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Pinkalicious: Pink Around The Rink (2010)

by Victoria Kann(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
0061928801 (ISBN13: 9780061928802)
review 1: This was a cute little story about Pinkalicious getting new skates. They weren't pink, so she made them that way, and really left her mark on the ice rink. Pinkilicious uses a "cotton candy pink" marker to color her skates and blades pink. When she goes to the ice rink and skates, she leaves little swirls of pink behind her, wherever she goes. When she falls, she cries, and her parents think it's because of the fall. But, it's really because pink swirls are everywhere, and pink is running off of her skates. It's cute how "Mommy" comments on how that makes them unique. Pinki starts really getting into it before they leave, and is surprised by Mommy telling her that she signed her up for skate-lessons.----------- I liked this. I bet the graphics in the print version are ... morereally cute.---------- I checked this audiobook out from the Decatur Public Library, via CamelliaNet. All opinions expressed here are my own.
review 2: When Pink gets white ice skates she isn't happy, so she colors them pink. Pink loves pink so much everything she owns is pink. When she goes ice skating some of the color fall off. She starts thinking that her skates look awful. In the end she is happy with her skating and her pink skates. I really loved all the pink illustrations being partial to pinks! I really liked the ice skating dress pink imagined herself in on page 14. less
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I would include this book in a school library.
Getting ready for my Pinkalicious Party!!!
love it. my 3.5 year old's fav!!
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