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The Shortcut (2000)

by W. A. Sabol(Favorite Author)
2.71 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Well, bless his little heart. :) I think the man has some talent, but it's just hidden. This book has not been edited. I think he's got a great idea, and the plot is probably a good one, but it was just too painful to try to plod through with so many glaring erros. And the prose itself - here's an example: "I will have a gin and tonic" Bob said. "I will have a gin and tonic" Mary said. Really? You coudn't throw in one contraction here and there? I looked at Amazon, and it's a self-published book, so that explains it. I hate to be mean to any author, but dude: please ask your wife or best friend to edit before publishing!
review 2: Probably not fair to give it any rating, since I didn't even finish the first chapter. Way too many changes in tense, an
... mored rather pedestrian writing. Too much 'telling' and not enough 'showing.' I was willing to give it a little more time, but after checking the reviews on Amazon, found that there's a plotline that is just not something I'm interested in. Coupled with the ineffectual writing style, I just couldn't spend more time on the book. To be fair, apparently a lot of people liked the plot element that I don't find appealing. less
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As a syfy nerd, I found this a little hard to swallow. Especially, the end.
One star but only because there were words on paper and I do like words...
Couldn't even finish it - dreadful...
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