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Vegan Zombie Apocalypse (2013)

by Wol-vriey(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
061577282X (ISBN13: 9780615772820)
Burning Bulb Publishing
review 1: Disclaimer: I won a free copy as part of a Good Reads First Reads Giveaway.Review: Definitely, a bizarre page-turner. Vegan Zombie Apcolypse has its own vocabulary (questioning any possible typos such p. 42 "...now's a good time to intimate me of your research" or "Haeven"). Vocabulary includes: Humancow- womancow, mancow; blood potatoes; meatsoil; Vegfarm; cuntbag; DEZA- Decadent European-Style Zombie Aristocracy; brainshit; cuntdoors; necros; sponge rat tampons; codom-worm; death rafts; Haeven; cockrockets; zombinator; were-zombies; humanosaurs; xombina. I found descriptions or metaphors referencing zombie movies a bit annoying. Examples include: p.26 "Raw or cooked, human meat made zombies sick, an actuality nothing like what had been portrayed in pre-undead-holocaust s... morecreen flicks." p.72 "...resembling more than anything else constructs from ancient movies about life after the apocalypse." p.136 "...we degenerate back into the shambling horrors of ancient human movies." p. 243 "They looked like the red 'kill' smears in ancient videogames." p.257 "Finally with blood potato stacks at practically zero, most zombies reverted for good back to 'old time Hollywood mode'--mindless creatures with only one thing on their minds--brains." The language was quite vulguar and potentially offensive; Fuck; Cunt; and Shit were commonly used in various forms. However, the book was very imaginative, enterataining, and transported me into his world.
review 2: First half: pretty great. An easy read, if a bit weird. I really liked how the setting unfolds, giving you a wider perspective on earlier chapters. It's disgusting and disturbing at times, but it's not crossing the line yet. 4/5 stars, easily.Second half: still good, but a bit drawn-out and exhausting. Even more sick and disturbing than the first part. Some of the drastic scenes felt unnecessary and cliche. The ending felt a bit anticlimactic. On the other hand the last scene felt just wrong, crossing the line in a way reserved for the sickest grindgore song lyrics. I'm probably too old for that much obscene brutality (I felt similar about Cannibal Holocaust movie).Verdict: At 100 pages less, this would be awesome. As it is, it's a good read and a blip on my bizarro radar. less
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i think this book was better then his frist. this book put a intersting spin on zombies
Received this book in a GR giveaway. Started it; can't finish it. That rarely happens.
Pro's: This book is awesome.Con's: There are none. This book is awesome. Read it.
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