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The Forsaken (2014)

by Ace Atkins(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
0399161791 (ISBN13: 9780399161797)
Putnam Adult
Quinn Colson
review 1: I like the author Ace Atkins. I think he does a fine job with the Robert B. Parker Spencer series. I have also read his Quinn Colson series about a sheriff in Mississippi. This book is about Quinn Colson. While I enjoyed reading it, I do not feel it was his best. At times I had a hard time following the author's train of thought. He did not give a good reason why this happened or why that happened. The story was a little disjointed. Still I think Ace Atkins is a very good author, and from all indications there are more books to follow about Quinn Colson.
review 2: The Forsaken is set in rural Mississippi. In 1977 two girls were abducted, one survived. Flash forward to the present day when the survivor asks Sheriff Quinn Colson to review the case. This cold
... morecase has deep roots in the town, ugly roots that are slowly uncovered. Colson is also dealing with an investigation into his and Chief Deputy Lillie Virgil's actions in a case from the previous book in the series. Writing was wonderful, plot moved quite slowly, and I felt a bit on the sidelines because I hadn't read the preceding book. Recommend readers start at the beginning of the series to best enjoy the character development and story lines. less
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First of the series I've read and it was okay but nothing special.
Another good story in this series but I'm tired of Johnny Stagg!
Highly recommended to fans of C J Box and the like.
good read
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