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The Ranger (2011)

by Ace Atkins(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 1
0399157484 (ISBN13: 9780399157486)
Putnam Adult
Quinn Colson
review 1: I'm not saying I'd never read another from this author, but…maybe not for a while. The story, the setting, the people were mostly grim and ugly, and although I like the protagonist quite a bit, I found the whole thing depressing. Also, the author tells the story so obliquely, coming at it from multiple people and not making it clear how they affect the story, that sometimes it's hard to figure out just what crime is supposed to be solved by the end.
review 2: A US Army Ranger on furlough for his uncle's (the town sherrif who committed suicide) funeral. A county in northeast Mississippi which probably has never seen good times but has rarely seen worse. Meth-cookers, Aryan Brotherhood, Memphis gangsters, corruption, cattle-rustling and lots and lots of guns
... more. Quinn Colson's trade is government approved violence and killing and he finds lots of opportunity to exercise his formidable skills on his visit home. A helluva ride and the first of a series which I am delighted to have found. Will read the rest of the books forthwith. less
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A little slow to start but it picked up quickly. Looking forward to more Quinn Colson stories.
quick and fun read. Quinn the main detective is going to be a favorite.
Not a bad mystery series. I liked the audio book narrator.
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