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The Lost Ones (2012)

by Ace Atkins(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
0399158766 (ISBN13: 9780399158766)
Putnam Adult
Quinn Colson
review 1: Another really good Ace Atkins book. This one delves a little deeper into the traumas in the lives of Quinn Colson and his sister and how they've both struggled in their own ways to overcome adversity. But it's mostly a story about human trafficking, gun smuggling and Mexican cartels. You may expect higher crime associated with cartels in border cities, but not so much in Mississippi. It's a real eye opener. Atkins is a superb crime writer, creating memorable and mostly likable characters and breathing life into them. My only regret is that I didn't read the Quinn Colson series in order - would have made more sense. But regardless, this is an excellent read.
review 2: Former Army Ranger Quinn Coulson, now Sheriff of Tibbehah County, has a lot on his plat
... moree: the usual crime, sure, but now there's talk of gun running and drugs in town, as well as a baby selling black market...but it's up to Sheriff Coulson (and the FBI) to take down the bad guys and get his own life straightened out with his sister and *their* bad relationship. Can he get the drop on the gunrunners before they take the guns to Mexico? And what about the health and safety of the babies being smuggled by a less-than-savory couple, only interested in the money for the kids, and not the kids themselves? Good action, and a *somewhat* slow pace in parts; great story. less
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Loving this series. Quinn Colson is a great character. Want to read more.
Second one in the Quinn Colson series. Well done. I'm enjoying the series.
Quinn Colson has been added to my list of favorite characters.
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