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Apartmento 16 (2010)

by Adam Nevill(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I can admit this wholeheartedly: I am an Adam Nevill fan. I like how he writes the creep factor. It's very atmospheric. I did like Apartment 16 but just not as much as I loved his other books. Apartment 16 is told from two different POVs in alternating chapters. The first is Seth, a "starving artist" of sorts who works as the night shift guard in the Barrington House. Each chapter of his slowly displays his descent into madness after making contact with whatever evil is in the infamous apartment.The second one is Apryl, an American woman whose Great Aunt Lillian has recently died and left Apryl and her mother her apartment in the Barrington House. Everybody tells Apryl that Lillian had gone mad but when she finds Lillian's old diaries, she realizes that whatever lurks in A... morepartment 16 might have had something to do with it and It isn't done.I know many reviewers did not like the ending. I'm assuming it was because of its vagueness. But that's what I liked about it. I liked how every character's fate was up in the air. My main problem was that I really didn't feel any sense of attachment to the main characters. Or maybe the focus was askew. I felt that this narrative was more focus on Apryl when it probably should have been focus on Seth.He was an innocent bystander. He wanted to do his art. He got a job. Then was manipulated into crazy evil shenanigans until he went insane. Poor guy. Apryl, went all willy-nilly into trouble and didn't suffer nearly as her impetuous stupidity should have allowed. I think because of the split narrative, I really couldn't relate to any of the characters which is a first for a Nevill novel.
review 2: I'm not covering any new ground with this review than most of the other reviewers have. This was a long, dull read, despite being just over 200 pages. The descriptions are just woefully longwinded, and none of the characters leave anything close to a lasting impression on the reader. I read this about three years ago, and the only thing that stuck with me is my extreme anger and hatred upon seeing the title again. less
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OK horror story. It lacked focus though and introduced parts that it didn't finish.
An above average spooky story about a haunted apartment.
I'd give it a 3.5 if I could.
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