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Complementary Colors (2014)

by Adrienne Wilder(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 4
Adrienne Wilder
review 1: This book. Do not be put off by the cover. Do not be put off by the first few chapters. Do not be put off by the sex. Do not be put off by Paris. This book was so good. I loved it. Very few books move me to writing reviews - and I have read many many many books (especially in this genre). I loved the writing. Really that's what got me so good. The writing was excellent. The little sentences you don't understand until the end. The secrets the author unfolded and fed you a little at a time. It was just excellent. The drugged sort of transcendental states Paris went into were so beautifully portrayed in the story that at times I was left speechless or crying. I found very very little fault in this book - and none that I would waste time typing out. It was something of a maste... morerpiece for me - a piece of worded art. Definitely not a thing I will forget anytime soon.
review 2: 5 solid stars. Intense and I couldn't put down. Loved both MC's. Paris was a cluster-f waiting to happen but I so hurt for him and I wanted to see the pain go away. Roy - does such a man exist? Loved their story. I thought the writing related to mental illness was very realistic and heartbreaking. I was intrigued as to what city this took place in as there were so many references to it. This one made me think and the angst was through the roof; I was in the mood for this story. Highly recommend :) less
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I liked it...she writes darkish emotionally fraught books...better review following
wow...this was an amazing book!!! a must read for sure!
What a great read - recommended. Review to follow
Enjoyed this book from the first chapter.
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