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Soldier Mine (2013)

by Amber Kell(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
1781842434 (ISBN13: 9781781842430)
The Thresl Chronicles
review 1: I don't know what was happening in this book. Initially it was going fine. But after that it got really annoying and pathetic. # No word building# No character development# No strong points in the book# Too fast and sloppy# Chemistry b/w Kres & Vohne was very granted, there was not much effort# Mysteries solving faster than building it in the 1st place# Joking & romancing around in the middle of serious situation# Females in the scene r lunatic# king & king-mate both trust the females easily & then get stabbed in d back on d next pageI have no idea what the author was trying to do. Writing was awful and the story was going too fast for my taste. It could have been better but it turned out to be the worse book. Can't think why it is getting so many ratings. It had nothing. ... morePeriod.
review 2: rating: 1/5 Oh, boy! Where do I start?I was seduced by the word "soldier" in title (I have a bit of a fetish for soldier love) and a description of an interesting alien species (I have a thing for aliens too). It started decently, a bit melodramatic, the "bad guys" being one dimensionally bad and idiotic but I rolled with it to get at the gooey goodness at the core. Except it never came.The transformation of alien to human-like lasted all of a few pages. There was no interesting ways of communicating with the alien, no time spent bonding (insta-bond?), and, what I was really hoping, no development of an alien mind thought processes to more human-like thought process. It was inta-magic biology (watch out, "insta" will be my favorite word to use in this review).But wait! The alien was insta-bonded to our soldier-with-no-skills (who got almost beat up by idiot "bad guys"). The almost-priceless alien was on its way to some diplomat/ambassador/rich-ass-guy but had no more security than our wuss-soldier. So our pathetic-excuse-for-a-soldier and kitty-alien were transported to a training facility where we find out our kitty-alien is really an alpha-alien, but no, he's really king-alien. And our king-alien insta-bonded with our sorry-excuse-for-a-soldier because they are the reincarnation of their previous bond-mates. O.oAnd now someone wants to kill the super hot, super strong king-alien-in-humanish-form (who wishes he retained his tail... and why the hell couldn't he if he could turn himself into any form he wanted?). And of course our pathetic-soldier becomes insta-warrior now that he is insta-bonded to the king-alien and becomes a bad-ass with a knife. *eye roll*They kick ass (of course) and head to alien-shifter planet (a what? hold on... if these aliens are rare as they are usually reserved for high ranking officials and the mega-rich then why the hell would these people go back with the alien-shifters to their planet to become farmers or soldiers or holders of other crappy jobs?). They get attacked before touchdown and idiot-alien throws the idiot-soldier into an escape pod and stays on the ship as its attacked. The reasonable thing to do would be for both to either stand their ground and battle together or both to escape (especially since if one dies the other dies or goes mad or dies or gets cryo-frozen before bonding with someone new... there is a bit of plot whiplash on that issue). But this really ancient-kitty-alien-king and sort-of-soldier do the most idiotic thing ever, again. Which of course leads to more trouble and plot-hole-filled drama. *crickets chirping*My advice: Don't. Just don't. Take a look at that pretty cover, promise of soldiers, and enticing blurb, and then head far, far away. It was a waste of money (shit, I paid for this! maybe I'm the idiot!) that could have gone into another Lanyon novel. less
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I love it. I hope to be able to read the other books from the series soon.
Loved it went on to get more in the series.
Not a great story.Entertaining enough.
Simply awesome!!
2.75 stars
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