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American Cookery (1901)

by Amelia Simmons(Favorite Author)
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155709439X (ISBN13: 9781557094391)
Applewood Books
review 1: I was actually fascinated by this book in it's original form, and I love the finished version even more. What a really interesting "foodie" world we live in, and it's been like that for centuries! The best "Roast Beef" I've ever had came from a recipe in this book. It seems that "The Food Network" is NOT the final say on what's good to eat! Long live the old stuff!If you like to cook, and are a bit adventurous, this will be a great addition to your collection.
review 2: As with any old book there are random moments of unintentional hilarity. Some of my favorite parts: "How to choose fish: salmon, the noblest and richest fish taken in fresh water-- the largest are the best. They are unlike almost every other fish, are ameliorated by being 3-4 days out of wat
... moreer, if kept from heat and the moon, which has more injurious effect than the sun."I have so many questions, namely what device did they think would protect dead fish from the forces of gravity. How can you tell if your fish has been tainted by moon? It fascinates me to no end because I love reading about stuff like this. "Diet bread: one pound sugar, 9 eggs, beat for an hour, add 14 ounces of flour, spoonful rose water, cinnamon or coriander, bake quick."I love how it is "diet" but contains more sugar than flour.As far as the recipes go: It has several good and very simple recipes in it. I may have to try several of the pies and puddings. less
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I am going to need some serious luck with trying to reproduce these recipes.
A Christmas gift from Barron. More fun to read than use.
Yay, primary source!
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