O.J. Simpson is GUILTY!

As a limo driver awaits O.J outside his mansion, he sees a 200-pound man climb over the walls and run into his mansion. Minutes later, O.J. comes out and gets in his limo. He says he overslept and hopes they can make it to the airport in time.

Over at his Nichole’s house, the ex-wife of O.J. Simpson, their dog barks continuously and catches the attention of her neighbour who comes out to check. Nichole’s dog leads the neighbour to her house. He spots two bodies laying right in front of her house. These were the bodies of Nichole and her friend, Ronald Goldman. He calls the police and within minutes they arrive and start inspecting the house. As the police inspect the house, they find shoe prints and a glove with blood on it.

They also find the O.J’s children sound asleep upstairs, not knowing their mother has been murdered, along with her friend, Ronald Goldman. They were both stabbed multiple times. Nichole was been stabbed multiple times in her neck and her throat was finally slashed to give that killer blow. As for Ronald, he was all over his body, including his face, thighs and neck. There was also a gaping hold in his neck which is shown in the actual crime scene photos. Ronald was stabbed a total of 55 times and despite being already dead, he was continually stabbed. (Actual crime scene photos link below.)

Detective Mark Fuhrman, who was among the three detectives to first arrive at the scene of the murder says he’ll notify O.J. Simpson about the murders.. Besides, he knows where O.J. lives and has handled some domestic abuse cases involving O.J and Nichole when they were married few years back. When Fuhrman and two other detectives arrive at O.J’s house, they notice O.J’s Bronco to be parked in a weird manner and had bloody fingerprints. They rang the doorbell several times but O.J was not home, as he had just left to get on a plane to Chicago.

The detectives jump over the gate and let themselves in, worried that someone might be injured. They check the guest house and a young, blonde kid called Kato Kaelin opens the door. He then informs them that O.J had just left. They immediately call O.J and inform him of the murder. Kato also adds that he heard some loud banging and led to detectives to where he had heard them. When he shows them where, they find a second glove, matching the first one found at Nichole’s house earlier.

And now, it’s a crime scene where a double homicide has just happened.

As soon as O.J gets back from Chicago, he is brought to his backyard and is handcuffed. Rob Kardashian, a childhood best friend of O.J (better known as the ex-husband of Kris Jenner) tries to get the police to remove the handcuff and gets O.J to cooperate with the police. He agrees and they remove the handcuff. O.J is brought to the police station for an interview and is let go shortly afterwards.

The case is handed to Marcia Clark, a district attorney. Based on all the evidence, she believed that they could arrest him for the murder of Nichole and Ronald. There is more evidence of O.J not being a suspect but the murderer itself, as Marcia uncovers old police reports and 911 calls of Nichole’s accusing O.J of beating her. Then, she listens to his interview conducted earlier but has nothing to pin him down with as the officers who interviewed him seemed starstruck.

Meanwhile, O.J is back home with his family, including Rob Kardashian. Rob advises him to get a change of lawyer and bring in the so-called “Hollywood Lawyer”, Robert Shapiro. Rob also renews his license to help out with the case.

A couple days later, the DNA results from the Bronco and the pair of gloves come in. It matches O.J’s blood type. All the blood samples collected matches either the victims or O.J. The police hand out an arrest warrant for O.J.

As they go on a hideout at Kardashian’s house, O.J and his friend, A.C Cowlings drive off in Cowling’s Bronco only to be spotted in the highway and is chased. The police try to get Cowlings to stop but he doesn’t as O.J threatens them with a gun to his head. Cowlings drives O.J to meet his mom at Brentwood. Rob talks to the police to arrange the arrest inside the house so that they can avoid media coverage. He then calls O.J to let him know that he’s arranged for the arrest to happen inside the house. The arrest happens and O.J ends up in jail.

The police take O.J to trial and is filled with twists and turns. While the defence attorneys have cold hard evidence that O.J did it, O.J’s lawyers came up with conspiracy theories and played the race card to confuse the jury, especially as the jury consisted of more people of colour.

The final verdict? O.J Simpson was found “NOT GUILTY” of the murder of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

How was it that O.J got away with double homicide with all the evident the police had? The limo driver had seen someone jump in the mansion and O.J coming out not so soon after. There is a probability that he could’ve been present at the crime scene moments earlier and would’ve been able to make it back in time for the limo. The gloves Nichole’s, Ronald’s and his blood on it. And so did the Bronco. There was proof that O.J also used to physically abuse Nichole over the time where they were married. Could that anger have sparked this murder? The questions will forever remain unanswered. (Unless O.J has something to confess.)

Many believe he did it. Other don’t believe that a superstar like him would have done something like that. At the end of the day, nothing is going to change, O.J walked out a free man.


Censored photos: https://imgur.com/a/65Ruy

Uncensored photos: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrimeScene/comments/51ft4a/o_j_simpson_murders/?st=ITOHSICN&sh=c46b6a5d

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