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The Tiny Wife (2010)

by Andrew Kaufman(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
0982525451 (ISBN13: 9780982525456)
Madras Press
review 1: A bit darker than Andrew Kaufman's other work, The Tiny Wife is a little gem of a book. A thief robs a bank, but instead of taking money, he takes from each person an object of sentimental value. The fortunes that follow the victims are strange, sad, whimsical and even a bit horrifying. Layered with thoughtful metaphors and studded with wonderful illustrations, The Tiny Wife is one of those works where each word feels perfectly chosen and invites revisiting.
review 2: I read this in much the same way as a fairy tale: stuff just happens and you just go along with it. Why shrinking? Why a snowman? Why underwater office? It just is. Like other magic realism stories, while the unusual events seem random, whimsical and quirky, it follows its own internal logic an
... mored is so matter-of-factly described within the regular world that it's surprisingly easy to assimilate. Actually, I found that, in a story of doubling mothers and tattoos coming to life, the most difficult thing to accept was how jerkish the narrator was to his ever-decreasing wife until the very end. less
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I believe the weirdness in this book is what makes it brilliant...
Cute and funny (in an absurd way) story.
4 solid stars. Lovely lil tale.
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