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Il Ladro Di Sogni (2009)

by Andrew Pyper(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
883848807X (ISBN13: 9788838488078)
review 1: This may be a great author but I do not think this was a great book. I don't have to have fairy tale happy endings but I do want a book to make sense. It started with the ending, then went way back to a beginning (maybe too far back) then caught itself up to the opening & then finished the book. The opening was intriguing but the rest of the book was not as fun to read. there were parts I thought could have been condensed, some parts that could have been left out, & some parts that needed more explanation.
review 2: The plot moved at a fantastic pace, perfect for the setting the book takes place, and the atmosphere it creates. The ending seemed a bit sloppy, however. Keeping the ending stitched together and providing some insight for the fate of the main chara
... morecter and the aftermath of some of the events prior would have been great. Overall, "The killing Circle" was a very pleasing read, at no point was I not compelled to turn the page. less
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A good, page-turning read! Part thriller, part ghost story, part guilty pleasure. :-)
I love books about writing
Very scary...excellent!
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