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The Killing Circle (2008)

by Andrew Pyper(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 5
0312384769 (ISBN13: 9780312384760)
St. Martin's Minotaur
review 1: I was a little disappointed in the first couple of Pyper's books that I read, but I really liked his writing style with its mix of lyrical descriptions and satirical wit, so I decided to try this one--and I am very glad I did. It is a brilliant, complex, and compelling novel with some genuinely creepy/unnerving moments as well as a very skilled use of narrative time and character. As others have noted, this book was in the once-started-couldn't-put-it-down category.
review 2: Finally a mystery so good it had me changing my mind as to who done it so many times I gave myself whip lash. It was tricky to tell if this is a supernatural thriller or a mystery or both. I was caught up in the plot from the first chapter and then the mystery of each character brought
... moretogether through a writing circle was intriguing. I loved hearing each character's story and how it reflects each writers life. a fast gripping novel, one I highly recommend. less
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Flawed, but first book in a long while to make me get up and put the deadbolt on the front door.
Good attempt at a scary thriller with a twist that simply just failed miserably at the end.
Creepy book!! I checked my closet door was closed every night while reading:)
thought it was a better story than lost girls and the writing was better too.
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