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The Losers Volumes 1 And 2. (2010)

by Andy Diggle(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 3
1848567219 (ISBN13: 9781848567214)
Titan Publishing Company
The Losers Omnibus
review 1: Well now this was a refreshing slap in the face. Great characters, impressive art, a politically charged storyline not very far removed from our own reality. This all comes together in this Volume 1. The kinetic nature of the action is well captured, but it's not just senseless violence, there's usually a goal in mind, and even then it tells a story.Reading the introduction, this book was a kind of love letter to Shane Black movies, and it makes perfect sense...however this might even be more enjoyable for me because it hasn't been tamed by Hollywood. I know there's a movie and it's probably de-fanged for mass consumption, but I love that 2 Brits made such a great book about a US Black-Ops team.I think I also loved this because I feel like this is a modern take on the A-T... moreeam as well, with the colourful characters and strong relationships.Strongly, highly recommended. Thoroughly enjoyable on so many levels.
review 2: I quite enjoyed reading this graphic novel. I admit I only picked it up because I loved the movie and was curious. The book does not setup a specific back story the way the movie does. Just that they saw something they were not suppose to and were put on a death list, which they survived. Now they are trying to track down Max who put them on the list, but they have no idea who he is or how to get to him. There is a lot more going on in the book than in the movie, but several bits are taken almost exactly from the pages and turned into live-action. The graphics are wonderfully done and it is definitely a "graphic" novel. less
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Liked the movie, loved the comics!
Gotta find book 2
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