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King's Man (2011)

by Angus Donald(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
1847444911 (ISBN13: 9781847444912)
The Outlaw Chronicles
review 1: His third, and mine, in the Outlaws Chronicles series and for me, the best so far. All the books have been intensely gripping, full of action and very gruesome at times. This book brings Robin and his 'merrie' men back to England from the third and largely unsuccessful Crusade of the Holy Land, described in book 2. It also covers the time when Richard I is held captive in Europe for over a year. I live in Nottingham, so many places described in this book are close-by which makes it a bit more personal. The book is full of intrigue, double-dealing, heroism and downright brutal violence, even a thread of romance thrown in. Anyone interested in the reign of Richard I and the skullduggery of his younger brother, John and his followers, are in for real t... morereat.
review 2: A story about King Richard the Lionhearted and Robin Hood told through the eyes of Alan Dale. While reading the story they described King Richard's capture in Austria and Germany. It was a bit surreal, as I have toured the castle in Dürnstein. Plus he mentioned Koblenz, where my family is from. Weird. But the characterization is awesome. You have no trouble believing what you read, it seems like the person would do it. The action and plot was also very entertaining. I'll have to read the first two in the series now! less
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Very well written, gritty story about Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood.
Fantastic, can't wait to start Warlord!
review forthcoming....
excellant ending
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