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Catwoman Tomo 4 (2013)

by Ann Nocenti(Favorite Author)
2.61 of 5 Votes: 2
ECC Ediciones (El Catálogo del Cómic, DC Comics)
Catwoman Vol. IV
review 1: A big step up from the previous volume but this still isn't up to snuff with what I'd hope from Catwoman. The turf war with Penguin was interesting, though, as was the set up of an entire network of underground tribes living below Gotham. While it felt a little silly and unrealistic for these people to have been a secret from Batman and even Catwoman all these years, it was still a fun concept.I was pleasantly surprised by Deula's storyline. Really interested to see where she'll be going in the New 52 since I'd heard about her but never actually read any of the issues with her.
review 2: Decepción. Catwoman comenzó muy bien su nueva andadura, pero ha ido cayendo en picado. Me ha parecido un tomo muy lento, sin ninguna trama conductora, es lioso, faltan datos
... moreque lían al lector... No engancha. Eso si, la última página está creada para que necesites más dosis de Selina. No voy a hacer spoilers, pero no me esperaba ESO. Espero que le den más chicha a Catwoman y remonte a la línea interesante con la que empezó. less
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Bunch of new characters and a new setting - good. Yet another silly living fire villain - bad.
Just a hot mess.
Barely a two.
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