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Darkside (2011)

by Belinda Bauer(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
1451612753 (ISBN13: 9781451612752)
Simon & Schuster
Exmoor Trilogy
review 1: Unputdownable book. Fascinating follow up to the authors excellent Blacklands. Howver, its not really a followup, as although it features the location and some of the characters in passing from the earlier book, it is a standalone story. The location is central to the story, as it was in Blacklands. The setting close to Exmoor together with the weather helps to create a place dislocated from the rest of the world. The characters are well drawn and credible. A very good read.
review 2: Belinda Bauer does it again. An excellent thriller that leaves you guessing all the way till the end. Like Blacklands (which is an amazing book btw), Dark Side, has an excellent writing style, clever and keeping you hooked in every paragraph. I love how she describe the locals and
... more the country side of Exmoor. I confess I was a bit disappointed with how the book ended but at the same did not expected it at all. I recommend reading the books in order! less
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The story kept you guessing until the end - but it was a disappointing ending.
One of the most amazing endings I have read in a long time.
great book with some good twists. surprising ending
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