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Coup D'Etat (2011)

by Ben Coes(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 2
0312580762 (ISBN13: 9780312580766)
St. Martin's Press
Dewey Andreas
review 1: Surprisingly, this book could have used a final gloss of editing for style and sentence structure, but I found the details about the entangling Indian-Chinese-Pakistani-U.S. alliances interesting. The lack of nuts and bolts reality in Executive function kept it from earning a four star rating from me, still, if you like political thrillers and almost-Apocalyptic scenarios, this could interest you.
review 2: Dewey Andreas careens around the world, killing bad guys left and right. Good political backdrop, showing how inexorably woven together the world's governments really are, and how actions can have such wide-ranging effects. I don't know if I like the whole "tortured soul" aspect that Coes has saddled on Dewey. It's been done. He does a fairly good job of
... more accurately portraying military equipment and tactics, so I will keep coming back for more. less
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Ben Coes' second book in the Dewey Andreas series. First one was very good, this one was fantastic.
This book was better than the first. Terrorist take cover-Dewey is out there....
Excellent read! Couldn't wait until the next book in the series!
Just as good as the first. Cannot wait to start the third book.
Great action and on-the-edge-of-you-seat suspense.
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