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Coup D'Etat. By Ben Coes (2012)

by Ben Coes(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 4
144720879X (ISBN13: 9781447208792)
Pan Publishing
Dewey Andreas
review 1: Coup d'Etat is a fantastic military espionage action/thriller. Dewey Andreas is a welcome throwback to the larger than life, juggernaut action heroes of days gone by, and readers will find themselves cheering often as the pages turn and the bad guys meet their well-deserved doom. Coes has plenty of twists and turns up till the very end of the story. I will definitely be reading more in this series.
review 2: The concept of the novel is good but the author has got the facts about India all wrong. First of all India is a parliamentary democracy with Prime Minister as the head of the government and not the President, unlike USA. All important decisions of war would be made by the PM in India. Also the casualty rate mentioned is ridiculously high. The author seem
... mores to have simply extrapolated the Kargil situation and forgot that it was not a full scale conventional war. In a full scale battle, fighting would also take place in the Punjab and Rajasthan sector. Also the President of USA stating that USA had used the nuclear threat to protect India for 50 years is incorrect. Did the author not know about the situation in 1971 war? Also the US President agreeing to go to the war theatre was just mentioned to glorify the office of the President for American readers. Also there were many editing mistakes in the Indian edition (by Pan Publishing) of the book. At one point the Indian PM was wrongly mentioned as the Foreign Minister. But the part regarding the coup d'etat was brilliant and the character of Dewey Andreas was impressive. Overall the book may be good for the American readers who don't know much about the situation of the subcontinent and who would focus only on the exploits of Andreas. I give this book three stars just for the character of Dewey Andreas and his role in the Indo-Pak war. less
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I really enjoyed this book. It kept the pace up and was well thought out.
I loved this book--I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
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