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Powers, Vol. 13: Z (2008)

by Brian Michael Bendis(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
0785132627 (ISBN13: 9780785132622)
Marvel Comics Group
review 1: One flaw of this series is the addition of new elements to the story. Sometimes they do it really well, other extremely ham-handedly. This one added yet another chapter to Walker's life, which is a fine and well established practice, taking into account his flawed mind/memory. However, the addition of the "gods" level Powers (think Thor in Marvel) is out of left field, while it makes sense in a meta-Marvel comic book world, it should have come out as a possibility sooner. As it is, it feels tacked on and I am worried about how will it will mesh with the rest of the world.
review 2: The latest volume of "Powers" comics focuses on the murder of Z, a World War II hero, but as usual leaves as many questions as answers. At this point in the Powers world, readers nee
... mored to know their backstory to fully appreciate many of the points made throughout the graphic novel collection. The story is getting somewhat convoluted at this point, let's be honest. Still, as entertaining as ever, even if the lengthy gap between graphic novels requires some memory-refreshing. less
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Not my favorite volume of Powers but still pretty strong.
Bendis goes all Hoff's Drawler up in this joint.
Strong stuff.
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